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Our Story

Behavioral Connections of Colorado was formed in 2020 by our Founder, Sara Cook, MA, BCBA, to address the growing vacuum of Applied Behavioral Analysis support in Colorado for children with autism and other developmental delays. Under the direction of Sara and in collaboration with other Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians, Behavioral Connections of Colorado has grown to serve the Denver and outlying remote communities, providing loving care and support so that children and their families can grow and thrive together!

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Our Mission

Behavioral Connections of Colorado provides evidence-based, person-centered therapeutic services grounded in Applied Behavioral Analysis that supports children, caregivers, and families in the development of skills needed to achieve personal life-long goals. We firmly believe that by embracing diversity, promoting equity, and fostering inclusion within our approach, we can help create a world where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values guide our therapeutic approach with the children we serve as well as the support we provide caregivers, parents, teachers, and other professionals with whom we work alongside to ensure the best outcomes and success.

Dignity and Respect...

for all stakeholders (children, caregivers, parents, employees, and other professionals) through person-centered approaches that help children and families attain their goals.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion...

practices that are thoughtful and intentional, considering cultural values, previous learning history, trauma, and individual needs throughout the therapeutic process.


with all our clients and stakeholders that includes the what, how, and why of all operations and approaches used within our organization.


of self, others, and the environment, considering how these three facets impact one another and making changes where needed for the success of all.

Relationship Building...

that is heart-centered and supports our clients and stakeholders within the organization and community where our services are provided.


Our Founder 

Behavioral Connections of Colorado's Founder, Sara Cook, has been a Board Certified Behavioral Analysis (BCBA) for ____ years and started the organization in 2020 out of a desire to help all children grow and thrive in significant ways. Her passion for kids, especially those with Autism and other development delays, and the belief that all individuals can succeed if given the right opportunities and support has driven her vision for providing services that cultivate potential, empower growth, and shape success that positively impacts not just the child but also their families and communities.


When Sara isn't busy providing direction and support at Behavioral Connections, you can often find her (insert hobbies).

Our Clinical Director

Natalie Acevedo-Seda joined the Behavioral Connections of Colorado team in July 2023 as Clinical Director and brings six years of ABA experience to help strengthen our direction and growth.


Natalie began her career as a Behavior Technician (BT) in 2017, and while working with children with Autism, she noticed striking similarities between their behaviors and her own son's. As a Latina, this diagnosis was unfamiliar territory, challenging her cultural beliefs. Informed by research advocating for comprehensive early intervention and support, she enrolled her son in a rigorous ABA program, which ultimately led to his successful transition into a general education setting. Inspired by his progress, Natalie embarked on a journey to earn a master's degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. A year later, her youngest daughter also received an Autism diagnosis. Like her son, her daughter graduated from an ABA program at the age of seven and is now thriving in mainstream education with accommodations.


Natalie's role as a BCBA and mother has allowed her to support and guide parents as well, helping them understand Autism, and its unique influence on children's abilities and challenges.  In addition to working with parents, Natalie continues to work extensively with young children under the age of six with Autism and other developmental delays and is particularly adept at helping them develop several key areas, including communication, behavior regulation, and school readiness skills that have life-long impacts. The positive impact her support has continues to fuel her passion for ABA as she witnesses the powerful transformation early intervention programs, in particular, have in the lives of children and their families. In fact, under her leadership, Behavioral Connections is growing its new Early Intervention Program for kids under the age of 6 that will positively impact the children, families, and communities that join.


While Natalie isn't working, you can often find her enjoying the world of gaming and immersing herself in the magic of music festivals. Recently moving to Colorado, she is now embracing its beauty through hiking, which further enriches her life and provides balance in her dual roles of BCBA and a devoted mother. 

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Our Team

Behavioral Connections of Colorado has a tremendous team of Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) who are passionate about helping children develop and grow into the best versions of themselves. As the clients we serve grows, our team is growing as well with people from various backgrounds, expertise, and talents that add value to our clients' experiences. As our team grows stronger, so do the children we serve!

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