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What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention Programs that serve children with autism under the age of 6 years has positive, significant impacts on the child and family. By taking advantage of the brain's neuroplasticity, ABA therapy as early intervention support can help shape your child's brain in positive ways that promote the development of healthy, socially-significant life-long skills. More specifically, ABA early intervention support for children under 6 helps improve:

  • Motor skills

  • Joint attention

  • Language and communication

  • Visual perception

  • Behavior management

  • Social skills

  • School readiness

  • Self-care skills

  • Emotion recognition

  • Play skills

Why Early Intervention?

Research studies suggest that early intervention of ABA therapy for children (18 months to 6 years) with autism leads to:

  • Increases in cognitive functioning and social skills

  • Higher levels of independence compared to counterparts who don't receive early intervention support

  • Improvements on visual perception, expressive language, and receptive language

  • Increases in school readiness

  • Marked reduction of aggressive and self-injurious behaviors

  • Significant reduction of healthcare costs related to ongoing  interventions and support

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Our Program

Behavioral Connections of Colorado is now enrolling children with autism ages 18 months to 6 years into our Early Interventions Program. While our program is individualized to each child's needs and family goals, we utilize Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)  to:

Cultivate Potential

We cultivate potential by unlocking the true potential in each child. We nurture your child's abilities, fostering personal growth and paving the way for a brighter future.

Empower Growth

Our highly trained and compassionate team of experts is dedicated to empowering your child's development. We tailor our evidence-based Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques to suit your child's individual needs, ensuring progress at their own pace.

Shape Success

Success is not just a destination; it's a journey. Behavioral Connections of Colorado's Early Intervention Program is designed to pave the way for your child's success, equipping them with essential life skills, social interactions, and positive, healthy behaviors that will carry them forward in life.

Location, Schedule, and Insurance

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We provide Early Intervention support Monday - Friday at our Center in the Littleton/Highlands Ranch area:


3768 Norwood Drive

Suites 200-201

Littleton, CO 80215





Full-day (8am-4pm) and half-day options (8am-12pm or 12pm-4pm) are available. 

We accept many health insurance plans:

  • Medicaid (Health First Colorado)

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • United Health/Optum

  • BlueCross BlueShield/Anthem

  • Kaiser Permanente

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Let's Get Started...

Give your child the gift of limitless possibilities! Please complete the fields below, and one of our Behavioral Connections of Colorado therapists will contact you to discuss how our Early Intervention Program can support your child's needs and family goals.

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